Weird textures and arctic view RH6


I am having a issue on a new computer at the office. We have another one with the same graphic card and configuration and it is working without issue. I already tried everything, changed my cable of the display, etc, so I already excluded this option.

Allright, let’s go to the issue. My textures are looking dirty in arctic view, and arctic itself looks weird when everything same color.

Here are some examples:

I tried the file in other computers, and they do not have this issue, everything looks smooth and nice. This was done in another computer, to check if it was texture or file problem.

I really have no idea what to do, changed graphic (NVIDIA Quadro P2000) configs to highest, changed arctic view settings, returned to default, etc.

The only option so far for me would be to reinstall rhino and install again, which is a bit hard due to the fact the we need admin permission to do so, and it is a slow process.

Any ideas would be of great help. Thanks.

Hi @Nathalia_Rotelli,

the default values of the Artic display mode do not show material textures. You might try to compare the display mode settings of the Artic view on both computers. The easiest is to export the Arctic display mode on the computer where you think everything works and import it into the other computer: