Weird layer properties after update in Rhino 7 on macOS Catalina


I’m experiencing a strange behaviour on my laptop, all layer properties are “blank”, either white or “no value”:


If I start drawing on the Default layer, the object is black, as it would normally, but when I click on the Display color (?) rectangle, it switches to white. I set a colour, click ‘Ok’, it switches back to white, as if nothing happened.

Also, the column names disappeared.

I have just updated Rhino 7 to the following version: Version 7 (7.2.21012.17002, 2021-01-12)

To reproduce is simple on my machine:

  1. Open Rhino 7.
  2. Create a new file from template “Large objects - Meters”.
  3. Inspect the Layer panel.

I’m on macOS Catalina 10.15.7.

I’m on Mojave and getting the same kind of behavior.

Thanks for the report of what you’re seeing. I was not able to reproduce this on macOS 10.15.7 or 11.1. Can you please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino 7 and return that text file here? Also, it sounds like the previous version of Rhino 7 you had on your Mac wasn’t causing this issue. Is that correct? If so, have you restarted your Mac?

Hi @BrianJ,

Please see the SystemInfo output text here:

fb_sysinfo_rhino7.txt (5.3 KB)

No, if I recall properly it wasn’t like this. Truth be told, I’ve been mostly working on my desktop in the past months and mostly still in Rhino 6 (Windows 10) - I’ve opened Rhino 7 for specific tasks only on both computers. I recall using QuadRemesh without problems on the train after Christmas - I’m not sure which version I had then. Since then I was working from home on my other computer.

Yes, multiple times.

I think I’ve figured out what’s happened here… Your screenshot at the top is of the “Layout and Detail Layer Information” panel not the “Layers” panel. I’m sorry I missed that detail. The Layers panel is this one…

The other panel (Layout and Detail Layer Information) is for when you have a Layout in the file and are customizing details in it. Is that the confusion or were you trying to use this Layout and Detail Layer Information panel?

:open_mouth: That slipped my attention - no, I was looking for the layers panel, normally that is the active one.
Is it normal behaviour that the detail layer information panel is active when opening Rhino?

Thanks for the catch, I’m wearing my glasses, but it’s less help with each passing day, it seems…