Weird drag / group bug

Dragging an object in the top view, when it is over but not touching another object, breaks the group.
Only in top view, only if the 2nd object is present - deleting, locking or hiding the 2nd object makes the problem go away.
The 3dm file is just these two objects, extracted from a much larger one.


dragging breaks group.3dm (1.8 MB)

There is a definite bug in the grouping in V8, or I’m going nuts…

I have a group of just two polysurfaces.
If its on its own in the scene,(ie everything else hidden), both select together as you’d expect a group to behave.
If its part of a larger scene, it will behave as two separate objects.

So now I’ve just cut and pasted the whole model into V7, where everything works as expected.
I note the ungroup command has been added to V8; maybe this has introduced this problem?

I don’t know, but for now I’m back to working in V7.

I can’t post the file here - if someone wants it let me know.