MAJOR layer bug in latest release!

There is a major bug in the latest V8 that I just downloaded a few hours ago. (8.0.23045.12305)

I had two models open, and was wanting to paste a bunch of objects from one to the other. The target rhino wouldn’t accept the stuff - if i drew a test cube, it would copy and paste that, but still refused to paste the original.

I closed them both and reopened them, and everything seemed fine.
However, The layer display shows all layers as on, which I hadn’t set, and further, some of those layers that should have been off, will not display the contents on screen, regardless of the layers showing as on.

I saved the model out as V7; in V7 the model opened with all layers on, and all the objects displayed, so thankfully nothing is lost.

Obviously this is a bit of a show stopper.

Id like to revert to the previous release - how should I do that?


The latest WIP changed the model vs paper space layers on-off system from a tri-state button to two different columns. Sounds like that’s what you are seeing…

Thanks Wim.

Well, who knew?

The problem is indeed related to this feature; its a shame there doesn’t seem to be any documentation or explanation of how its supposed to work (that I can find anyway).

When I first opened the models for my current project in this new WIP, most layers were on in both layer columns, but some were off in the “model-on” column.
Why it was like this I don’t know, since I don’t use paper space at all.

Further, all the layer columns were visible, which messed up how I had arranged the layers to my preference.
So the first thing I did was to turn off the columns I wasn’t interested in, including the “model-on” column, which I never gave any thought to.
So it turns out this was a big mistake, since I couldn’t see, and didn’t think to check this had any bearing on the situation.

Anyway, now I seem to have things working as I expect.
This i have accomplished by turning all the “model-on” layers on, which appears to allow the layer visibility to work just with the standard layer control on/off icon.


However, I see by some experimentation that they both influence each other, in ways that leave me devoid of understanding, especially as I have no layout viewports.

In my opinion, the whole sub-set of layout controls should be able to be turned on or off - that is, completely disabled if they are not being used.

Various other software is built like this ie you can turn on or off workspaces or whatever they call them, to essentially disable features you don’t want to use, or to otherwise compartmentalize the various stages of working.

I personally am not attracted to this way of thinking, and have never before thought that Rhino should adopt anything similar - if you didn’t want a feature, you simply didn’t use it.
But now, in this case I see a definite possibility that this might be an idea.

Rhino has grown to be a much bigger bit of kit than it initially was, and perhaps the time has come where the user should be able to optionally disable something they have no intention of using.
At a simple level its easy to see something like a startup splash screen having a series of on / off switches for features you want or don’t:

Sub D - on / off
Render - on/off
Layout space - on / off

and so on… At present it doesn’t much matter if I don’t want to use raytracing, or sub-D, or the analyses tools etc, because, and this is the KEY thing, it doesn’t otherwise impact the working of the rest of the tools.

BUT, now we seem to have a situation where a sub-set feature does impact on the workings of the other core tools.

I don’t think this should be allowed to happen, and perhaps its time for a bit of a re-think as to what should happen as the software moves forward.


Column headings of ‘M’ and ‘L’ with tooltips of ‘Model’ and ‘Layout’ might give a useful hint.

Hi @rabbit,

My apologies for springing this on you. I’ve been meaning to post about this.

This week’s WIP release contains fixes for this regression:

In a nutshell, a long standing wish for those using layouts/details has been the ability to turn off layers in model views while still keeping those layers visible in layout/detail views.

We understand that not everyone uses layouts/details and, thus, could care less about this feature. So we been trying a few ideas out in the UI, which is what the WIP is for, to see what works best for users.


– Dale

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Thanks Dale - I appreciate you bothering to take the time to clarify what’s going on here.

Something comes to mind about …. all of the people, all of the time….


Hi Wim
I think this is causing the issue I have as well - a load of my geometry disappeared from one day to the next. Saved the file out as a V7 and it is all there OK and visible and if I make the layer current, then it re appears. Caused a bit of a freak out to start with though :slight_smile:
My “model on” column was buried at the end of the layers columns, so didn’t see that. All makes sense now!
The idea of being able to change visibility in layout views is excellent (assuming they can be done on a per view basis?). It would make sense to me that the Master ON/OFF is for the model and the other column is used for layout view ON/OFF (with per view control somehow?). That would allow doing some interesting work for doing assembly instruction type views - each assembly stage is on a different layer and a series of views on a layout, with individual control of layer vis would allow build up of the assembly from view to view. I’ve not used layouts beyond the basics, so apologies if that is already doable!