Weird box around my rhino cursor

I’m getting this weird box around my rhino cursor do you know how to turn it off it prevents me from seeing where I’m clicking

Is this something that just started to happen? I would say it’s an issue with the display driver. Can you post your OpenGL settings? Rhino Options > View > OpenGL.

yes about a day the computers about 3 weeks old(i have been using the rhino the entire life of the computer) running wondows 10

Hi Jacob- the first thing to try is to update the video drivers from nVidia and see if that cleans things up. It looks like Rhino is not seeing the driver as is.


I used nvidias automatic driver finder however it didn’t help. Originally I thought it was some setting in Rhino from the sounds of it that seems like it’s not the case

Did this actually find and install a driver?


Yes it’s an updated driver I’m wondering if I should do it manually and use one of the specialty drivers however I don’t know which one I’d use

Enable “Cursor Tooltips” in Options>Modeling Aids>Cursor Tooltips

Does that help? I see this all the time with bootcamped windows on a Mac. It seems to be dependent on the GPU and driver but enabling cursor tooltips fixes it in my experience.

yes that works thanks!