Disappearing Curves when moving

HI all, Have a weird issue that’s just popped it’s head up. Using Rhino 6 When I drag the screen around (right mouse hold) everything changes to what you see.

Probably just a setting somewhere but I can’t find it.


smells like a graphics card issue-

check your driver dates via device manager. if they are a more than a year old, update them directly from the video card developers website. Use the custom/advanced option and use the clean install option.

if you run the systeminfo command in rhino and post if here It’ll help us see what is going on with your system.

Hi Kyle, Thanks for the reply,
Graphics cards are both up to date.

Here’s the sys info file from Rhino.

Sysinfo.txt (2.3 KB)


Hello - check the Display panel - you may have BBox Display checked.


Yep that was it. Thanks heaps. No clue how that happened.