"Weight" command on Sub D control points

It would be great if it could be implemented

Hi @rhinofan - see some of these discussions on this:


Thanks, I posted because I did a (poor) search and found nothing

there used to be a serious issue with weight not data transferring, Not sure if that has been solved but if not, then weights are not super useful unless you were to mesh the model.

Hi Kyle,

I imported some old T-Splines models with some point weights increased to 10 but the model imported in Rhino WIP did not had these points with a 10 value weight, it was all 1 (default value). Otherwise all good

Thanks for the feedback. We have an open feature request regarding weight and variable creases filed as RH-47061 for future reference. I added your comments. I don’t know when or if we will be able to transfer weights or define our own SubD ctrl pt weights or crease values in Rhino.

for now assume all weighting info from tsplines will be lost.

If you ever took one of my tsplines classes, I always warned about using weights for just this reason… they generally do not data transfer well to other programs unless you mesh them, export as obj and then re-subd the part in rhino.

Thank you for the replies
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