SubD Control point weight

Can you please enable SubD Control point weights? I’d like to be able to set control point weights from Grasshopper. It would allow changing curvature on edges without increasing face count.



Hi, Martin,

Thank you for the suggestion.

Rhino SubD control net vertices don’t have weights and currently we do not plan on adding them for the initial commercial release. We do understand that adding weights is one possible way to introduce cross-crease curvature in Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces. There are other common approaches as well including “cutting”. When the cross-boundary curvature issue is addressed, we want to do it in a way that is amenable to

  • generating nice, clean NURBS representations (ToNurbs creates decent breps),
  • exchanging control nets via OBJ files with other products that support SubD,
  • rapid limit surface evaluation,
  • and will not break certain editing and reverse engineering tools we are working on.

– Dale Lear


Dale, thanks for your reply. Makes sense. Looking forward to full functionality!

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