Featurerequest: Setweight edges

I would be great if setting weight of edges would be possible. Tsplines used to have this feature and I also use this in Cinema4D

What problem would it solve for you?
How would you use it?

Hi John,

I would be great because its fast and you could get sharper edges without having to add edges:

Typology looks like this:

Without changes in edge weight like this:

With edge weight:



Do we have a similar tool yet?

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We have only have fully hard edges at the moment, using Crease, but weighted creases are still on the wish list.


Thanks for the feedback, this request is on the list as RH-47061 and RH-56883. The main issue is that crease weights are not standardized among applications that support SubD so they most likely wouldn’t transfer.


That’s a great point Brian, I wonder if we can consider two scenarios:

  1. People you want to create SubD geometry all inside Rhino and the only way to export that relevant is a Nurbs conversion anyway.

  2. Having a way to convert weighted edges to duplicate/triplicate edge loops. So basically we can work with waited edges as a much more manageable/lighter model for selections, transforms, manipulations, and then the weight information can be ‘baked’ into bevel-style edge duplication. Quite difficult to get right, I know.


Not yet.
As Brian J mentioned- weights are random from app to app…so even tho they are useful in the app you are using…, they suuuuuck if you need to data transfer. Unless you convert to Nurbs or convert to mesh then data transfer.

Tsplines had the same issue.

I think 1 and 2 are essentially the same thing as I understand it from some discussions with @dalelear on this topic. So ToNURBS would add those extra edges to get the variable crease, same if you exported the mesh instead as well. It’s on the list. For now, you have to add and edit edges to get variable crease weights.

Very true, but FWIW most our exports once models are fully detailed, and to hand off for engineering, tooling, even CNC tend to be based on ToNurbs conversions, especially because they always include some kind of Nurbs operation like Boolean holes, accurate offsets for shelled parts, etc.

It is the same with Tsplines models.


that’s fair.

I’m not familiar with the topic of weighted SubD edges, I’m asking out of curiosity.
You guys said that there are some programs that deal with weighted edges, but most of them don’t. Is there a pair of two different programs (from different companies) that respect each other’s weighted edges?

Maybe there is a chance for setting a new standard? (wishful thinking?)

Not that I’m aware of…

Given the choice between:

A. not having a weight option

B. having weight option without being able to export such (weights) for further manipulation elsewhere.

I’d not only choose option B, but benefit from it as well, for obvious reasons. Most all of my Rhino work is fully detailed and sent to MCAD as STEP/IGES/etc. geo. Can’t export to SubD package xyx - c’est la vie - you guy totally get a pass on that one.

Thank you!

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Great! Cant wait.
Thanks for this

I agree with Gustavo.
I would say cross platform compatibility is a bonus.
The more I can keep my workflow within a single software the better.

I agree with this thinking. B is the way to go. I also think there’s another very important thing to point out: weighted edges that are not full razor sharp creases is an important design tool. Of course you can achieve the same look with doubled/tripled edges in those areas, but the minute you do that you do not have something that you can easily select, twists, offset, scale, because now you are messing with the spacing and flow of those thin strips of polygons created by the doubled/tripled edges.

I’d love to see something like this in V7.5 or V8.