Subd match curve & points weight

Is there a function in Rhino 7 to match subd edges (naked edges or internal face edges) to some curve? Something similar like T-Splines tsMatch?

Align, use the to curve option…

To note- Subd’s have vertices, edit points and control points.

Use the edit points to get the match for which you are looking, subdivide your Subd to get a tighter match-

See below-



Thank you

Dear @theoutside, to expand this topic a bit, is it possible to apply weights to subd edit points or control points? Is there some analogy with nurbs control points?

Up to this point I was thinking, less points = better surface. Now I am little worried that controling dense subd can be quite challenging.

Achieving similar result in subd in as shown below for midship shape requires more points (subd curvature based on extracted boundary)

below just some built midship structure for reference:

not yet. Weights are not implemented at this time.

Weights are cool, but can be troublesome because they don’t data transfer reliably. Some programs accept them, some do not.

Is there a chance to see this in Rhino 7 service release?

anything is possible- But can’t commit to that atm-