Website consumes infite resources

If I go to Rhino3D Blog the site goes bananas and attempts to load something which is blocked by my AdBlocker, and then proceeds to attempt to reload it every cycle.
Just thought someone at McNeel should know :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know. @bobmcneel @scottd do you know about why our blog has a reference to scripts at

@scottd thanks for letting me know it’s the map in the lower right corner:

@aske it looks like perhaps you can block that domain (, too, in your ad blocker?

It’s pretty hard for us to design web resources that work well with arbitrary unexpected code added or removed in your browser.

It is blocked. That’s what’s causing the spike:
Some script is attempting to load it => blocked => script attempts to load it again => blocked => etc.

I only have one extension installed and that’s the adblocker.

Maybe whitelisting the domain would fix it for you? I know that might be a distasteful option, but you’re the first person to mention this problem (after having the site configured this way for over 5 years), making it a pretty low priority for us to fix.

Noted and I understand. I won’t do that. This was more of an FYI.