Website images...?

Is there a reason why the Bongo site has all broken images?


(This page is accessed from the link on the Buy page on the main McNeel site)

Works fine here. Tried it in a few different browsers just to make sure.

You might want to clear the cache and cookies from your browser and check the issue one more time.

Didn’t help here… Firefox still looks like the above. (latest version, 82 something)

Chrome looks like this: (latest version 86 something)

It loads fine here. Chrome.

Works fine here as well - Chrome and Edge tested.

Maybe you can open up the web developer tools, switch to the network tab and refresh the bongo page. See what files fail to load. Maybe you can spot where it goes wrong?

Also just the web console may give clues to why this happens for you.

FWIW my Firefox Nightly (84.0a1 from November 15th) loads it also fine.

The ‘status’ of the images are all 403 - “Forbidden”

I use Firefox and the page loads fine for me.

Pretty funny, your Discourse post above looks like this here:


@Helvetosaur you don’t happen to have any Firefox add-ons that could block sites?

I have NoScript, uBlock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere, but not seeing broken images from the Bongo site.

Not sure what to suggest next. Maybe your IP-block got blocked by Ning? :man_shrugging: This you could test by using some VPN service and using some other country as exit point.

Not that I know of - haven’t installed anything myself. Interesting, just checked on my iPad via Safari, and all images are also blank. So I suspect that my ISP may be blocking something on that site.

FWIW I have logged an issue wrt the certificates used here:

Made mention of this thread.

jep, same here

Interesting what happens when I hit the reload button in FF - the images flash for a split second and then disappear…

The same thing happened to me on grasshopper3d. Did this ever get resolved for you?

@scottd - Can you help with the Grasshopper ning pages? They seems to have the same issue that the Bongo pages had.

The problem seems to be resolved. Grasshopper3d now fully loads in Safari. I disabled ghostly, but I’m not sure that was even the problem.