Web Browser - Auto complete for rssyntax

I’m finding that the auto complete for python rhino script syntax doesn’t work if I want to use the web browser for looking things up in the api documentation. Anybody know why? Guessing there’s some code that doesn’t run correctly in Web Browser.

Might come in use until such a time as when I can remember all functions…

Just to make sure that I understand this question…

could you explain with a picture where you’d hope autocomplete to work? And after typing what?


What the rhinoscriptsyntax online help page looks like in a real browser window:

What it looks like in the Rhino WebBrowser panel:


I don’t even get the search box here…

My solution is of course have two (or more) monitors…

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Beat me to it… I’d just done my screenshots!

I don’t have a two monitor setup unfortunately. Anyway, it was just a thought/observation.

Jonathan Hutchinson

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Thanks, I fully understand now. I just never use “Web Browser” myself.

I added report #RH-55258.

Me neither. I had the idea earlier only because it can be frustrating wanting to read the api and look at your code (think about on a laptop).

My 7 year old iPad is the same - can’t display a lot of fancy web bits.

Jonathan Hutchinson

Hi @Jonathan_Hutchinson1,

In the web browser, try viewing this site: https://www.whatismybrowser.com/

What is reported?


– Dale

Got prompted for a Java update. Which is familiar - the iPad reference I made was to do with java too.

It’s nice, I mean. I can see the benefit of WebBrowser now where I never could before.

@dale - mine says this:


(Java update did not help)

Yeah me neither. Not to worry.