RhinoScriptSyntax? Autocompletion for Compute?

I feel like I only ask questions here that I should know the answers to, and that prove my ignorance!
I have two today:

  1. I’ve been looking at various autocomplete threads in these forums:
    Using PyCharm for editing RhinoPython
    Autocompletion with PyCharm
    Updated VS Code connector for Rhino 6/Python
    but is there a solution that will give me autocompletion (in any editor, I don’t mind which) for writing Compute code?

  2. Is it possible to use RhinoScriptSyntax with/on top of/around the api that that Compute uses? Moving away from RhinoScriptSyntax has been a bit painful (a script that will intersect any number of of objects of any object types, for example, in RhinoScriptSyntax is a single line, vs something decidedly non-trivial in RhinoCommon or Compute…)

I’m guessing that the answers to both are “no” then…

I don’t believe anyone is working on this since typically the Rhino Compute library for Python would be used outside of Rhino and rhinoscriptsyntax is used inside of Rhino. Then again, python and rhinoscriptsyntax are not my expertise, and you can call Rhino.Compute from inside of Rhino, so there might be a use case. @stevebaer any suggestions for @fergus.hudson?

No one is currently working on compute support for rhinoscriptsyntax. It would definitely be possible to enhance that library to work with compute in a similar fashion to how we got it to work with grasshopper. It’s an interesting idea, but at this point in time we don’t have anyone working on this. Rhinoscriptsyntax is open source so there is always the possibility that someone in the community may be interested in taking this on.

To answer my own question re Autocompletion, VSCode gives autocomplete without any setup or extras required.