Weaverbird Thicken error

I’m attempting to script a bridge-esk structure however the using weaverbird seems to create excess folds in the mesh near the smaller apertures of frame work.
I’ve experimented with the input and the script outcome works when there are fewer surfaces however to my understanding it shouldn’t make any difference? attached is the rhino file with the surface geometry and the script
any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:
I was thinking maybe because the fillets are scaled to the area that the smaller surfaces causing the issue and that maybe an evaluate area that reads the smaller surfaces and scales their fillets proportionally? but alas i am not good enough to script that :frowning:
weaverbird thicken.gh (14.1 KB)
Weaverbird thicken.3dm (418.4 KB)

Your final mesh has really bad topology because of your initial bad surface input.
You’d better not to make mesh verticies in the middle of the mesh edges because you won’t be able to join them properly.
Have a look at the attachment. I’ve modified your input surfaces and it seems to work.

weaverbird thicken_re.gh (71.4 KB)

thank you so much! i see now the problem with the midpoint vertices!