Value picker does not follow list structure

The Value picker component re-sorts the list of items you put in it. The example is simple and obvious, but sometimes when you have to pick items in some complex pattern it gets really frustrating…
Is there a workaround. Is this a bug or a feature? :slight_smile:

Could you clarify which component you are using?

If you don’t mind using a different component, the Human plugin has an Item Selector which preserves order:


I think this is the default grasshopper component. I don’t think it came from some plugin…
I want to select multiple items that is why the Human component is not working for me.

That’s a Rhino.Inside.Revit component that’s used to sort and search large list like Categories for example (over 900)

The Human Item Selector can be changed to a checklist by right clicking

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Is there any reason that this component is not available outside of Rhino.inside Revit? Its usefull for working with any large lists, not just Revit categories.

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