Using Value List/Value Picker in RIR Components - Feature Request

Hi guys,

One thing I realize in some RIR components is that they are missing visible input options. For instance, “Query Views” components has 8 inputs and each is expecting some input depending on your use case. We don’t have any components to define these options. I have to right-click each options to filter what I want.

It would be great if we would connect Value List or Value Picker to input, see the options we can use and select the option we want. Or a dedicated component to each option would be solution to. View Discipline component, View Family component etc.


Hi @mucahitbgoker,

In the same context menu you have on the screenshot, you have the option to ‘Expose picker’, it should create a Value List for you with the same options you have in the list.

You are one step ahead of me :sweat_smile:. I didn’t realize it was there.