WBcatmull clark subdivision faces

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I attached a jpg , 3dm and gh file of my problem.
I am creating a Meshplane with 3x3 faces. Afterwards I’m subdivide it using WB Catmullclark which automatically increases the nr of faces to β€œn” in order to create a smoother surface.
Question: Is there a way to control the nr of faces? lets say I got a 3x3 faces meshplane and after I subdivide it I want to get 19x19 faces.

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grasshopper.gh (6.2 KB)
grasshopper.3dm (101.7 KB)

@ogprostean, i don’t think you can control that, the nature of CatmullClark is to divide each quadrangle into 4 new quadrangles and each triangle into 3 quadrangles (with each iteration).


Thank you for the answer.

I was thinking mby there is something similar to the loopcut ( evolutetool) command that you can apply afterwards.

( actually I need a specific nr of curves not faces. ) the only problem is that loopcut breaks the symmetrie/ distance between the curves .