Wavy facade - graph mapper

Hello Guys, I am trying to make a wavy facade and first I started to make some curvy line , to loft them later on.
However within the process I realized that there are two ways to do it.
I initially use the first way where I remap the geometry(points in this case) (option1)

But I realized that we can also remap the number (option 2) instead and it gives better result.

My question is , what is the difference between both please? and when Should I use each method ?
Because sometimes one of them doesnt give me the result I really want.

Thank you so much


In your first method the numbers you give to Graph Mapper are not in [0,1], but in a series of domains [0,0], [0,1], [0,2]… that differ for each point. I also see a conversion from Point to Number when entering the Bounds component, this is problematic as it gets the distance of the point to the origin and not its X coordinate.

In short, the first method is not worse or better, it’s just wrong here.