Waterman Polyhedra now supports Rhino for Mac

(Bob McNeel) #1

The Waterman Polyhedra plug- in for both Rhino 5 for Windows and Rhino 5 for Mac lets you create Waterman Polyhedrons.

A Waterman polyhedron is created by packing spheres, according to cubic close packing (CCP), then sweeping away the spheres that are farther from the center than a defined radius, then creating the convex hull of the resulting pack of spheres.

Some Waterman polyhedra create Platonic solids and Archimedean solids.

Waterman Polyhedra provides both a Rhino plug-in and a Grasshopper add- on.

Waterman Polyhedra is free!


Posted Jul 08, 2016 on Rhino News, etc.

(Laurent Delrieu) #2

Refreshing plugin, cool.

(Dale Fugier) #3



Hi Dale, is there a way to run this plug-in in Rhino 6?
Drag´n´Drop seems like installing it, but it´s not loading afterwards.

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Philip - it seems to work here - the WatermanPolyhedron command works so far. Do you not get that command after installing?



Hi, no after validating the installation with the admin pw nothing happened. Using “Just me” instead of “Anyone using this computer” solved the problem. Guess it has something to do with my windows setup. Thanks! Phillip



Hi Bob

Share please again the plug for the Grasshoper.
Link is dead, and on the official site of the grasshopper this plug is no more


It’s still on food4rhino if you search for it…


I was already looking for it on food4rhino
There’s only a plugin for Rhino.
For the grasshopper there is no



Apparently the plug-in for Grasshopper is inside in rhinowaterman.rhi

I expected that there will be a separate file extension .gha

It works.