New RhinoPolyhedra WIP available

Hi All,

I’ve been working on an updated version of RhinoPolyhedra, for a while, with a couple of goals in mind:

  1. Make it work with Rhino 6 for Mac.
  2. Make it possible to support Grasshopper.
  3. Consolidate some of the other plug-in I have on Food4Rhino.

Here is the first Work-In-Progress release:

RhinoPolyhedra_6.0.6785.20281.rhi (1.1 MB)

Note, if you already have RhinoPolyheda installed, you might need to remove it before installing the WIP.

What’s new:

  • The code has been completely re-written in C# and using RhinoCommon and Eto. This allows the plug-in to run on Rhino 6 for Mac (when it is available).
  • The Polyhedron command creates ~100 new shapes.
  • The Polyhedron command can now output meshes (ngons) or curves.

Here is a list of the plug-in commands:

  1. MeshIcoSphere - Creates a mesh ico-sphere (more)
  2. MeshQuadSphere - Creates a mesh quad sphere (new!)
  3. PolarZonohedron - Creates a Polar Zonohedron
  4. Polyhedron - Creates a polyhedron from a library of 543 (current) shapes.
  5. QuickHull - Creates a 3D convex hull from selected points (more)
  6. Waterman - Creates a Waterman Polyhedron (more)

Let me know what you think.


– Dale


Thank you, Dale.
IE 11 choked on the first 2 links, Re Security Certificate. I had to add www to each link respectively. i.e.,

What is best way to remove rhinopolyhedra6000.rhi; should I just disable it?

Hi @Fred_C,

That would probably work. You can also just rename this folder:

%APPDATA%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\Plug-ins\Rhino Polyhedra (666ae572-a6c5-44b5-b668-6b503d56c199)

– Dale

Thank you kind sir!

It seems to be flawless. QuickHull is very usefull. I would like to copy names of these polyhedra from the Polyhedron plugin window.

@dale did you get the scutoid in there?

@fraguada - yeah I missed that one…

Hi @dale,

Great plug-in, thanks.

Will this be OOTB with any near future upcoming release?

@fraguada, @BrianJ, not really a polyhedron, but these should be packable.

scutoid_pair.3dm (222.1 KB)

– Dale


How do you get this kind of viewport shading?

Looks like Arctic one with colors.

Hi @Macuso,

I just tweaked the standard Rendered display mode so curves always drawing black and a tad bit thicker.

– Dale

Found this nice page:

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Dale, this is amazing, thank you!

Hi @rolf1,

The most up-to-date version is always found here:

– Dale