Geometry Creation

I have been trying to recreate this geometry
but I cannot come up with a a good idea to build it.

Can somebody help my poor brain?

Thank you ahead!

it looks like some sort of Waterman Polyhedron. there is a plugin with Waterman Polyhedron. find a complete list of the plugin below, unfortunately the food4rhino seems down currently but the plugin is also available at the link below.

also if this is for grasshoper pls tag your topic accordingly. if not nevermind.

@dale was that supposed to make its way into Rhino or do we still have to install a plugin? i see that MeshIcoSphere is implemented into rhino 7 for Mac. the rest not yet ?

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It’s a chamfered cube, with additional small cubes attached to the square faces


Hi @hajime.shibuya
As @encephalon has already mentioned, there’s the Rhino Polyhedra plugin - it’s a wonderful plugin! If you want to contruct it yourself (or if this particular shape isn’t there), here’s one way - the exact sizes are of course up to you.

Rhino PolySomething.3dm (5.0 MB)
HTH, Jakob
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Ah, the thing has a name! And I can confirm that it’s part of the RhinoPolyhedra plugin library :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your help!
I was able to create it on my end!!

Also it was interesting too see other types of geometries!