Water wave-like surface with multiple wave center points

Hello! Recently I have been trying to create this kind of water wave surface which has 3-4 different wave center points. I believe surface with single water wave point can use sine formula to create and control. But I have no clue to to do it with multiple wave center points… Does anyone know how to do that? Thanks!


A simple way to do this is to add the contributions of all sin waves at each point.

SinWavesMultiple.gh (10.8 KB)


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Hi Magicteddy, thanks for your prompt response. Do you mind explaining a little bit on what the expression means? I am not very good at maths…

Thank you Joseph. I will try this out.It looks exactly what I wanted to do.

Admire this wonderful drawing :sweat_smile:

Sin function is what gives the waves.
Exponential function gives the decreasing amplitude.
When multiplied, you obtain a deacreasing wave.

In order to control the effect of those functions (width of a wave and stretching the exponential function so it doesn’t go to zero immediately), I add d0 and d1 parameters.
You could remove the 2*pi, this is a trick to have a more meaningful parameter. What it means here is that there is a distance of d0 between two consecutive waves.