Water bottle tutorial - trouble with fillet on side cutouts

Hi -

I’m doing the water bottle tutorial and can’t seem to get any filleting to work on the side “cutout” things… I get little hashmarks that run around the edge I’m trying to fillet.

Thought I might try it in the beta, but decided to learn if I did something “wrong” with this one first.

Attached is my bottle file without any filleting. I’ve redone the cutouts a few times with different insets, but haven’t figured out what might be stopping the fillet from working.
bottle.3dm (390.4 KB)

Hi Turner - seems OK here as longh as the fillet radius is small enough to fit where the inner and pouter fillets come closest. .125 seems safe.


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Working now, thanks.

It seems that restarting Rhino fixes some things - is there any type of memory/caches setting that can be adjusted?