Rhino V9 WIP

Just downloaded today’s Rhino V9 WIP (9.0.24092.17201, 2024-04-01).

Looks like most if not all the outstanding toolbar and UI issues in V8 have been fixed there, thanks! Any of this stuff going to be backported to V8?

Also nice to see that the Mac version finally has a real command line!!!

Anyway, thanks for the effort on this one, the V9 WIP runs really well natively on my new Linux box - yes, I’m finally done with Windows!


Tested here too - the new Apple pencil support for my macbook together with the 9 WIP and the 3d sketch functions are awesome!


Sounds nice. I’d like to try it. Dumb question: Where on earth do I download it from?

The following pages link to each other with no obvious ability to download the current R9 WIP.

If you are looking to download the R9 WIP today, you could check here: April Fools’ Day - Wikipedia


I see. Roger that. I actually found it here


Damn it!

And I just bought an Intel 14900KS so I can use the 6.2 GHz to select geometry and change panel in a timely manner…

but can it run crysis?


Got me.


Thats the most importatnt question for me too!
As I read a lot about bugfixes in 8.5 I downloaded and installed version 8.5.24072.13001 on my laptop and was quite disappointed when trying to migrate my UI from my primary workstation.

Could someone from the official side please answer this question?

Please look at the date of the post…

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wuuud?? rhino WIP 9 ?? :rocket: :scream: :heart_eyes_cat:

edit: oh fuck!! :rofl:

I thought only in my country there was an April 1st joke,
but it turns out it is universal :rofl:


Yesterday my landlord send me a message that will increase my rent. I don’t know how to take it!


sorry, dont really understand what you want to tell me??

April 1st.

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:sob: i got so excited for Rhino 9. Y’all got me

thanks for explaining

Well, as I first see this topic today, the 3rd of April, I want to use the fixed toolbars :smiley:

I second this !!!

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Well, the good (no foolin’) news is that some important improvements should be happening for the next couple of V8 service releases, so stay tuned!