Watch GH files without Rhino?

Is possible take a look into a grasshopper file without Rhino ?

Depending on what you mean by “look”, yes. The GH_IO.dll assembly is used to convert *.gh and *.ghx files into typesafe, hierarchical dictionaries and vice versa. It only relies on framework assemblies, so you do not need RhinoCommon.dll or Grasshopper.dll to make it work.

However the data inside the dictionary is according to some strict schema. Every object (be it GH_Document, GH_Component, GH_Param or any derived type) is allowed to store its data in any way it sees fit.

Like a screen shot definition, I ask this because sometime I found a definition what I want to check with educational purpose and sometimes my recent projects disappear by all the stuff that I opened.

I take advantage from this post to ask why always edits my posts, what I’m doing wrong?

Posts are edited/marked as handled or answered by McNeel staff. It’s nothing personal. We are all being watched. :slight_smile:

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I think it’s just me toggling the [handled/unhandled] state of a discussion. It’s a tool we use to keep track of which questions have been answered, which have been unanswered and which ended with a question for the original poster. I don’t think non-admins can see the handled tags, so they also shouldn’t get any notification when I change them. I’ll ask around.

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No. There is a thumbnail image in each gh file you could extract, but it’s really small. To fully view a file requires reading it fully and constructing the components in it. This in turn requires Grasshopper.dll and RhinoCommon.dll to be loaded.

So, then the question really becomes - how can I “pin” certain files so that they always are right at hand no matter how many other files I open.

I am experiencing this in Rhino all the time as well. There you can at least open files in Rhino 5 32-bit so as not to mess up the MRU list in RH6 (7). For GH files, the MRU tiles are shared amongst all Rhino versions…

Could be but not really sometimes I have some doubts so I search in the forum assuming someone had the same doubt and a lot of times I’ve found a solution without ask but I have to open several gh files so if would exists a visualizer you could imagine how that script works, another time people share definitions and take a look would be interesting whitout to load Rhino, gh, just to see what it is in, I hope you can understand me.

Eventually “pin” your recent works sounds interesting If you open 100 files that you really dont need will not be a problem.

So Is totally necessary load the arming :smirk: to see a gh file.

Yes, because all the code that actually draws the file is dependent on RhinoCommon or Grasshopper or a plugin.

Do you want to pin certain files because you always use them, or do you want to not include other files in the most-recent list because you don’t care about them specifically?

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I open forum files every day that I have no intention of keeping for my own use. If I modify them for a reply, I rename them. Every day or two I delete all the “temporary” files from my ‘\Downloads’ folder and then in Grasshopper, use ‘Files | Preferences | Files | Remove missing files’ which deletes all the GH history in the “MRU list” (Most Recently Used?).

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You can’t at the moment, but I want to know which of these two scenarios is the one people actually want, because the solution to either would be very different. Here’s some potential approaches:

  • Have an “Open Quietly…” menu item below “Open Document…” which would allow you to load a file without it ending up in the MRU list.
  • Add a cross to the MRU tiles in the viewport which allows you to remove a file from the MRU list.
  • Add new UI for easy access to a set of specific files or templates.

Nice I had not idea that exists It works for that point

Not very clear I’m going to test it
Actually files I don’t use does not present a problem just looking for a quick preview gh files to see how the data is connected in some cases, I’ll have to open every time. what a lazy man am I :sweat_smile:

In Microsoft Office products, I use both systems.

That would be my first pick. At least if the MRU tiles are replenished to 9 when one is removed. In Rhino, when one of the 8 MRU-tiled-files is deleted, it leaves an empty space.

Yes, GH picks the most recent 9 files out of however many hundred it remembers (that’s an option in the Preferences).

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