Walking in the scene just like a game with WASD

Hi, I would like to share this convenient plugin Walkie which lets you walk in the scene with WASD+QE keys just like a game. It also enables you to zoom into the mouth cursor position depth.

Hopefully it will be very handy in architectural projects. It’s very lightweight and easy to install.

To Install, just type PackageManager command in Rhino and search for Walkie.


have you posted this to food4rhino.com? If not please do so, as that is the place where you will get the most viewers.

Actually we already have. I didn’t include the link because using the command PackageManager is more easier and faster. But for those who prefer food4rhino I will include the link as well.

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Thanks for this very useful plugin!
Is there any way to remap the keys for an AZERTY keyboard?