Wanted to make a cloth/fabric surface on top of a brep

Hi there. I’m working on a project for my university, and I have come to a problem I couldn’t solve.
I’ve got an structure made of wood ribs, along with connectors within them.

After this, I want to cover it with fabric, and for that I’m using kangaroo (first time using it), to make a surface affected by gravity, but when it comes to choose the anchor points that are going to hold the fabric, I don’t know how to choose a brep to hold it instead of just points on it.
What I’m aiming to is something like this video: https://vimeo.com/album/199263/video/51169678

And all I got so far is something like this:

I did it by choosing some points on the structure, lifting them a few cm and making them the anchors, along with some others on the ground. But now I want the piece of fabric to be fitted on the structure, tense on the upper part, and I think I can only do that by making the upper part of the structure the “anchor”, or something like that, I don’t know.

Here’s a pic of the structure I’m trying to cover

Thanks for all the replies, if somebody needs more information or the grasshopper file I would be glad to upload it

Why not instant upload your file?

Here it is
Pieza Base.gh (252.9 KB)

I didn’t upload it because it’s a big mess, and thought my problem was more like “I don’t know how to do this” than “my file isn’t working as I were expecting”, but yeah, you’re right, I should have upload it instantly.

The box in red at the top is what I’m currently doing to get that fabric shader (getting some points on the structure…), although what I’m trying to do is more like letting rest that piece of fabric on top of the structure.

Thanks in advance!

BTW I think there‘s an example in the kangaroo example files.