Kangaroo Mesh Over Brep Solids

Hey Guys,

I’m currently trying to use the kangaroo extension within grasshopper to have a mesh cover a set of Brep pipes.

I’ve set up the script but when I run the function, the mesh falls through the forms and cant figure out a solution.

Thank you!

Trial_1.gh (7.8 KB)

For fabric hanging from the tops of a set of poles, instead of collision, it will work better to use anchor points.

How would I put the points into the script? I tried using the anchor points component instead of the solid points collide and the fabric mesh wont move

You need a mesh dense enough that there are multiple edges between any anchored points.
Anchors need to attach to vertices of the mesh, so here I’m getting the closest vertex to each of the input points, setting as an anchor and moving the target position up a random amount:
drape_poles.gh (17.6 KB)
The mesh also needs some slack to be able to hang between the poles, so the rest length is multiplied by slightly more than 1


I’ve had an attempt at having a go, the point of the fabric seems to be anchored to only one point.

I cant seem to change the dispersion and height of the poles either?

Thanks for the help so far!

Trial_2_Drape_Poles.gh (17.4 KB)

You’re almost there - just plug the output of that Populate2d into the initial Pt component

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That worked great! Thanks for the help :grin: