Wallacei does not draw and components evaluate wrong / "expression" and "evaluate" returns -1

Hi there,

first thanks a lot for Wallacei! Seems to be a great plugin and the example-File runs without any issues. However, I have a problem with the gh-file attached (see screenshots). The solver does not run properly, it does not advance or draw any graph.

The output of the evaluate-Component is “-1”, which is wrong. It eva

wallacei-eval-error.gh (32.0 KB)
luates correct after re-evaluating. I already tried this with an expression-Component but had the same problem. I also ran the gh-File on a different PC.

Can someone help, please?

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Hi Kai,

its working fine on my end. see simulation results below. I also attached here the definition with the simulation already run inside it for you to access (fyi im using rhino 7).

wallacei-eval-error_MM.gh (27.2 KB)

Mmmm. Thank you, but that’s weird. I took your gh-File, did a reset on Wallecei and tried it again - no scuccess on either PC. Somehow, the evaluation components’ “Floor(…)” results are “-1” if the run is evoked by Wallecei immediately after I press “Start” in the Wallacei interface.

However, if I manually solve the evaluation components via middle-mouse-button, or manipulate them via their inputs wlc_0-Length- and wlc_1-Width the result is calculated correctly, always positive and the Square-component does not fail. In the end this is necessary for the fitness value and therefore for Wallacei to run correctly.

Do you have any idea why this happens? Can it be that the solution and Wallacei are out of sync somehow? Any workaround?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi Jurgeit, what rhino version are you using?

I forgot to say that:

Version 7 SR9
(7.9.21222.15001, 2021-08-10)

On both Windows-10-Machines.

This may be related to region settings (still looking into it though)… while we look into this more, can you go through the following post and see if this fixes it?


I switched to a point instead of the comma in the windows region setting but unfortunately it did not help. :frowning:

In a next step I removed the “Evaluate”-components and implemented the same with Python-Script components. However, same problem with these components.

May it be that there is some kind of race condition / issue with Wallacei not triggering the components sequentially?

Warm regards

Hi Kai,

i was able to recreate the problem on my machine by changing the region settings… When i changed the ‘decimal symbol’ to a comma (,) and the ‘Digit Grouping’ symbol to a dot (.) then my evaluate / expression components started outputting (-1). Can you try changing your region settings so that they match the below? once you do, please restart rhino and try running the definition.

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Hi Mohammed,

it works! I am sorry for not trying the digitial grouping and really thankful for your great support! Thank you very much Mohammed. Is there any BibTex or something similar to cite Wallacei?

Btw the download link to the first paper on your webpage (“Control of Morphological Variation Through Population Based Fitness Criteria”) leads to an internal server error. Just for your information.

Thanks and warm regards

eitehr of these work:

Makki, M., Showkatbakhsh, M. and Song, Y. (2019) ‘Wallacei Primer 2.0’, [Online]. Available at https://www.wallacei.com/

Makki, M., Showkatbakhsh, M. and Song, Y. (2019) ‘Wallacei’. Available at https://www.wallacei.com/

the link to that paper is working for me… here is a direct link to the pdf for reference: http://papers.cumincad.org/data/works/att/caadria2018_065.pdf

Maybe the server was just temporarily down. Thank you for everything and have a nice day!

Warm regards