Third objective function is not considered


I have been trying to run wallacei for 3 objectives. However, it only considers two functions. I even tried the sample files provided with the plugin itself and the result was the same.

Is it something to do with the installation of the plugin?
I would appreciate any response!


Can you send the GH file you are running please

Hello Mohammed,

I have attached two files. The first one is my file for which you will need Pachyderm acoustics to run. (Issue: unable to generate results for solar radiation optimization)
But the second one is the sample file provided with Wallacei for which I am having the same trouble. (Issue: Unable to optimize for “distance to surrounding building”)

Would be much helpful if you can resolve the issue.

Three objective (811.4 KB)
Wallacei (460.9 KB)

@mmakki_10 I have the same issue, I am optimizing daylight, direct sun hours, and energy, but the third FO is not considered. Is there any solution to it?

This issue occurs because those values are not changing while the simulation is running, This might be either due to some errors in the design problem or other issues.

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you are right, that was the issue. I fixed it and now it run properly.

Thanks for response.

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Hello Milad, I’ve been searching for the same problem, so please I just need to make sure:
Does that mean that if I provide a fixed volume as an objective… it won’t be considered during the optimization as in the screenshot?


Any fixed and constant value will not be considered as an objective. this entire sentence is paradoxical. Objectives are values to be changed and got better not some constant values.

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