Wall material replace

Is there a way to change the material among the system family wall types?

Hey @user2740 ,

I couldn’t find an easy way to replace a material. But building wall layer structure with the new material and replacing wall structure with new structure does the trick. Take a look at the definition below👇:

Replace Layer Material.gh (7.9 KB)

Wow, thank you so much~
Are you saying that the trick is because the material is not specified like the image?

Not really sure. It depends on the Revit API. If it allows for switching materials, then maybe development team should modify the Compound Structure/Material Nodes in a way that allows for material replacement.

What Mucahit has shown is the way to modify Elements with Compound structures; Floors, Ceiling, Walls. It’s the same as the Revit UI, you edit the Wall Type, Edit its Structure and then change the Structural Layers Material.