Replacing curtain panels in a curtain wall


I can identify all of the curtain panels within a curtain wall, but what I now want to do is to replace that curtain panel with a different curtain panel I have made. What is the best way of doing this? I can see this is not yet outlined in the documentation.


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that is an element type…

for a curtain wall it would look something like this…


Hi @Rickson,

I have it to this stage, but I want to change all of the systems panels (like what you are passing into E) into different system panels, such as changing them from a solid system panel to a glazed system panel.

I assume this is not through changing the parameters but the family itself?


when the component turns black the change has been made in revit, in this case i changed all Glazed to Solid types.

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@Rickson, perfect!