Add different materials into same type of wall

Dear All,
I would not like to create a new type with same shape but only different materials. when the category is Structual column or Structal framing, I could easily change the parameter of strutural material by vary values for every elements in same type as we using the instance. That’s would be flexible to sort data in Rhino inside.

However,When the category is walls or floors, It is not possible to do that because the materials wrap into the structure assembly in type. Anyone have ideas to make the walls or floors could have same type but different material?

What I use is Revit 2021.1.5.

Thank you all.

Don’t really understand what you mean by the same type but different material? Are you trying to create a wall with multiple layers, each layer containing different material?

If you could explain what you want to achieve a bit further, that would be great on our end.

Setting Material inside the type of floors and walls, I can not chose different materials in same type.

Setting Material outside the type of column and beam, I can chose different materials in same type.

Oh, I see now. Structural Material Type parameter is being controlled by the compound structure of the wall. That’s why you can’t change it. It is a read only parameter. If you want to change it, you have to change the structure of your wall. Take a look at the images below👇:
Aluminum Structural Material:

Wood Structural Material:

That’s going to be a Type Parameter and not available at the instance level.

Compound Structures can be modified this way.

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Got it, Thanks you all. I would like to think about it.