Wall Height by Level to Level dimension

It’d be great if we could set a wall height so that it automatically adjusts based on the level to level dimension. Better yet you could specify that the wall height was to the underside of the slab above.

Hi Scott, this feature is already planned: set the objects location and height by Level position (including and offset value).
Meanwhile, in case of walls you can use the vaWallExtend command to link the walls height with the top and bottom surface of the slab above and below:

Hi Francesc,
any news about this topic?

Hi @lopez, this feature is planned for VisualARQ 3.

Any news about VisualArq 3?
Didn’t you want to release a WIP version these days?
Just asking.

Hi @Eugen we are preparing to release a WIP version of VA 3 that works on Rhino 8. We already have an internal version of it to which we are adding new features gradually. We will publish it when we consider it is suitable and stable enough for the VisualARQ users.


ok, thank you

I am also interested in seeing this feature. Hopefully VisualARQ 3 will be available to test soon?

VisualARQ 3 WIP should be released soon so that bugs can be fixed before official release
I DO NOT want to see such many bugs as we do in VA 2. It was disaster.

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