VisualArq - Axis in plan

While designing simple house in our studio I came to idea to test VA that bought long ago

Just started to model, read, watch tutorial, but I can not find any information how to work with typical axis (add, attach walls to it, etc.). For me this is a crucial point in workflow

Thanks for any help

Hi Michał, this is a feature planned for VisualARQ 3.
Until then, you can just draw the line and mark with Rhino tools and snap objects to it.

is there a way in VA to make an automatic snap to curve that when curve is moved the wall will follow?

  • Thank you a lot for such a fast answer :slight_smile:

Considering snapping I have one more issue

is there any possibility to attach top off the wall to the upper floor?

That if the height of the floor change the heights of the walls would adjust automaticlly?

That’s not possible, unless you reference that curve in GH and create the wall there. In Rhino you can create walls from curves, but once this is done, the curve is not linked to the wall anymore. Unfortunately, VisualARQ objects are not compatible with Rhino’s Record History option.

You can use the vaWallExtend command to extend walls to a surface or an object that is located on a specific floor, so that if you move that object, the wall extension will update.

But, this is not possible right now. Is also a feature planned for VisualARQ 3.

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