Wall configuration for 3D printing in construction

Hello everyone.
I am writing a master’s thesis on additive technologies in construction. I would like to
get help.
I’m still new to the grasshopper. We need to optimize the process for creating the wall. There are various wall configurations, which are selected according to different criteria depending on the environment.

walls.gh (7.5 KB) Walls are printed with different configurations and cavity geometries. Typically 1: 2.5 and 1: 4 print ratios are used. Details of the various configurations are shown in fig.I would like to simplify this process with the help of a grasshopper.
how to get this indentation? Безымянный2

Help! How to generate automatically the infill geometry of 3D-printed components?

I have had some success. Only now there is a problem with the loft.
Why isn’t the loft working?


please upload your definition after internalizing any relevant geometries (in such a way you won’t need to attach also the Rhino .3dm file)


good then :slight_smile:

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