Creating Infill Geometry in Grasshopper

So I know there are a lot of lattice creating plug ins, algorithms, and tutorials for grasshopper, but I was curious if any follow the process 3D printing software uses to create Infill geometry in parts. It appears to me to be trying to achieve a very similar result, so I was curious if it is something that could be duplicated within grasshopper?

I’m hoping there are some 3D printing experts here that can fill me in on whats going on in the background of those software so I can try to replicate it in grasshopper.


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Plugins that could be used include

I guess all of the plugins above just focus on geometry creation and do not take into account specifics of AM such as path planning and gcode generation. Therefore, the workflow would be to generate the geometry and then use a standard slicer depending on printer to turn geometry into gcode data.

I am not sure what you want to design and fabricate - but in principal you could also program your own gcode generator. Gcode is basically just “go from pt1 to pt2”.

If you want to understand how some gcode generators for 3d printers work, you could have a look at “Cura” software for ultimakers. It has a preview mode where you see all the paths e.g. for infill, contour lining …

Can you describe a bit more your usecase or workflow that you want to achieve?

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Pufferfish has multi-threaded twisted box stuff for very fast lattice making to fill geometry.

video from James Dalessandro using Pufferfish.