Waffle from Complex Mesh - Lofting from contour curves


Attempting to create a smooth nurbs surface/brep from a complex mesh surface

so that I can write and input it into a waffle assembly script which does this

The raw mesh is too heavy to thicken it and and then do mesh to nurbs and I need to smooth out the surface first anyway as the resulting waffle does not need to be as precise. So I am following this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zFmlC1uGS4 to convert the mesh to nurbs surface initially and then input into a waffle script such as this one which is for a starting brep surface Waffle Structure | Parametric House

ISSUE (although any advice/recommendation on the method I am using is appreciated)

My problem is that it seems because the contour curves have ‘holes’ in as in they stop and start around the gaps in the mesh so the loft is not working. I presume the curve inputs need aligning/ordering or do I have to do multiple lofts and join?

See my script and file here
240417 - Mesh Waffle.3dm (1.4 MB)
240417 - Mesh Waffle.gh (13.5 KB)

Any help greatly appreciated!

Thank you


i would try a different approach:

  1. Quad remesh the raw mesh (you even could use symmetry in this case) to reduce the size
  2. Convert the Quad mesh to SubD and adjust the shape manually
  3. Convert the SubD to a Brep
  4. Thicken/Loft


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this should get you on your way
mesh_to_waffle.gh (308.5 KB)

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Thank you for the quick response. Very useful!

Thank you so much, that makes a lot of sense and reduces work load by the amount quadmesh and subd do for you in terms of divisions. Thanks again!

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