Vrayneui.exe displayed as opened


I failed to install vray for rhino as the computer said window of vrayneui is opened while I dont know what’s going on. Do you mind to give me a hand?


Attached please find the cap screen.


Neither you nor it has failed. It simply waits for the aforementioned application to be closed. That is the V-Ray UI process that was not closed by the last session, or you have a running session at the moment.
Please check if Rhino is running on your computer while installing (with V-Ray enabled) or any other NeUI-enabled V-Ray integration like SketchUp or Revit (with V-Ray enabled).

If none of that is the case please, check if you have a vrayneui.exe stuck for some reason. Just open the Task Manager and on the Processes tab check for “V-Ray NeUI” or any “V-Ray” entries. Close all of them with the right click context menu and select “End Task” action.

It shall look like this: