Vray vs Rhino exposure + invisible light sources?

Hello everyone

Quick question on vray vs rhino exposure
When the exposure in my viewport render preview is correct, my render in vray is overexposed. I assume it can be fixed by playing with vray exposure value.
I tried to do that, and to start clean i disabled the sun and all light sources, both in rhino and vray, assuming the rendering both in rhino and vray would be black. Expect it’s not.
How come? Can there be light sources that i’m not seeing?
I already tried someone’s syggestion to switch back to Rhino renderer, disable lights (sun etc.) and switch back to Vray render, but it didn’t change anything.

Instead of playing with lights, you can change Camera-Exposure, or you can also use exposure correction tools in VFM.

There are other settings that could affect your scene lighting:

In your case, I guess you need to turn Background and GI off or completely black.

You should see a list of all lights at the light tab of the Asset Editor. Also the rhino sun can be disabled there.