Vray shows wierd lighting on model

Hi all,
as shown on the screenshot there is an weird model and render problem that i cant get my head around.

it doesn’t really matter what the tolerance is of the file because it is visible even after i set the tolerance to a very large amount. (or low of course, just how you look at it…)

i remodelled it with a different set of tools and now other models that have rounded srf are showing the same effect.

Does anyone know a solution to this? and what is it called?


It appears the bounding box for the scene is too big and the object is far away from the origin.
If you move it closer to 0,0,0 it should render correctly

Hi georgi,

placing the models closer to 0 works. The only problem that i have now is that there are already renders made. These are also already edited in photoshop.is there a way to change the 0 point? i’m now trying to move al the cameras with the model.

you can move the camera together with the whole model
just type “Camera Show” in the command line and it will appear just like another object. Select all (+ the camera) and move the entire thing

the only problem i’m trying to make simpler that moving 20 diff cameras is going to take me a long time. and i cant show all cameras and move them

hey guys thanks for reacting so quick! I solved it by manually moving the cameras so it is fixed now. If there is a simpeler way i would like to know, but the move to 0,0,0 has solved the weird problem i had!

If you click at the left empty area in front of the saved view names than the cameras are show at the viewport and can be easy moved. This doesn’t work at your machine?

@pascal Was there not a camera icon at the beginning of the view name lines? Is it gone by a bug?