Vray rhino mac when will be available, anybody knows?

How about now?

I haven’t heard anything at all.
@Peter.Chaushev, have you heard anything you can confirm or deny?

At this point I can only state there will not be a MacOS version as part of the upcoming V-Ray 3.6 for Rhino release.
It is still on our roadmap but currently not with the highest priority.

Kind regards,
Peter Chaushev
V-Ray for Rhino QA

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I think they should definitely make a Vray for Rhino Mac.

Rhinoceros for mac gets better and better and for small businesses the mac platform is easier to handle.

I recently bought Maxwell for Rhino Mac and I think it already works quiet well.

Would like to buy Vray as well if it would be avalible.

Have you contacted them and told them you would buy a copy it it existed?

I have been using ‘owlet 3d renderer’ https://boxshot.com It’s workflow is similar to Keyshot but at a fraction of the cost. It certainly nowhere as full featured as most pro rendering apps but it is worth a try.

I did contact them and will post what they did answer, once I get a reply.

Let’s hope they are up for it!


I can’t find anymore where i read it, but as i recall they said that it was in development…

That’s wthat they replied to my question about Rhino Mac V-Ray:

"It’s Georgi from Chaos Group here. Thank you for your interest in V-Ray. Sadly, there is no official information about when V-Ray for Rhino will be available for Mac. Please make sure to check our site regularly. "

Let’s hope for the best :slight_smile:

Hi Peter

Any update now?


Hello, Robin,

Currently, there is no dedicated development for V-Ray for Rhino on MacOS. The moment our priorities change, an announcement will be made.

Kind regards,
Peter Chaushev
V-Ray for Rhino QA

hi @Peter.Chaushev people have been asking about this for years even this thread alone is 5 years old. its sad and i am sorry to say but i believe your priorities will never change. i am not even counting on vray ever, “but please be sure to visit their website regularly“ :rofl:

Hello, @encephalon,
We are well aware of the requests Rhino for Mac users have expressed over the years. Ultimately, we want V-Ray to be accessible to all Rhino users.
The decision to develop this product, however, relies on a complex set of periodically reevaluated conditions that have not yet allowed us to move forward with it.

Kind regards,

it seems you are hooked up there :wink: like forever, maybe time to change your reevaluation tactics, or at least get honest and say that it will never work out, not keeping the people believing in a ghost!

I would discouraging you from making comments like this.

I get it that you want Vray in Mac Rhino, but they need to make their own business decisions. I would guess you aren’t aware of the myriad of shifting details that surround decisions like this.

Cut them some slack and make your own professional decisions accordingly.

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i would rather encourage people to get honest, not to post that one shall frequently keep visiting their webpage when nothing ever changes in many years. decisions there and back does not interest anybody, sorry. and no i a not waiting for this to come to mac rhino, i have given up on that several years ago.

My point is you don’t have enough information to publicly label it as dishonest.
Opinions like that are corrosive and damaging.

Since you do not work for Chaosgroup, you can not possibly know the details.
I don’t work for Chaosgroup either. I’ve been at McNeel for more than 30 years. I understand how this sort of decision is made. I do know enough to not disparage anyone for their development decisions.

Certainly express your disappointment, but drawing conclusions without adequate information is not helpful.

Please refrain.


you dont seem to have understood the actual content of my words. but anyway trying to blindfold somebody who speaks out some rather obvious facts should help whom exactly? they cant do it its ok for me, i am not waiting for it. if they ever decide to do it, i am sure plenty of people would be interested.

So… now? lol
Also, does Maxwell Mac work with V5 or V6?

i bought a windows laptop