Vray rhino mac when will be available, anybody knows?

Just to elaborate on this issue a little - perhaps at the risk of sounding like a broken-record to some people. We do not currently have plans for a C/C++ SDK for Rhino for Mac. That said, it is possible and supported to wrap native C/C++ libraries in .NET code that can be called using RhinoCommon. This is the route we are recommending to plugin developers with C/C++ libraries as the best way forward - on both platforms.

For those interested, check out the following guides:

Hi, have there been any developments on this issue in the past year? Any chance Vray for Rhino Mac could be available in the foreseeable future?

Thanks in advance!

We haven’t heard a peep out of ChaosGroup.
I’d suggest contacting them to see where they are in the development and release process.

Thank you John for the quick response! Might you know if any other integrated plugin renderers are available for Rhino for Mac at this point?

None so far that I know of.
Most Mac Rhino users are using the Mac version of the Maxwell renderer.
I have no personal experience with Maxwell, but most users seem happy with it.


anybody know of any news for vray for mac rhino yet ? @dan @John_Brock
tia, :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard a peep.
I’d recommend contacting the Vray developers directly.

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hi John, I did contact them and just got this reply , not really an enlightening or helpful answer, lol :slight_smile:

Hello Miles,

We are sorry to report, but V-Ray for Rhino is only avilable for Windows.
We refrain from giving any information about future products or releases before an official announcement is made.
Please regularly check our web site for any updates or news on the subject.

If you need any further assistance, please reply to this email.

Thank you,
Chaos Group Support

Any news for Vray rhino for mac?
why they dont relize it?? any one knows anything?

They haven’t said anything to us in Rhino Development.

How about now?

I haven’t heard anything at all.
@Peter.Chaushev, have you heard anything you can confirm or deny?

At this point I can only state there will not be a MacOS version as part of the upcoming V-Ray 3.6 for Rhino release.
It is still on our roadmap but currently not with the highest priority.

Kind regards,
Peter Chaushev
V-Ray for Rhino QA

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I think they should definitely make a Vray for Rhino Mac.

Rhinoceros for mac gets better and better and for small businesses the mac platform is easier to handle.

I recently bought Maxwell for Rhino Mac and I think it already works quiet well.

Would like to buy Vray as well if it would be avalible.

Have you contacted them and told them you would buy a copy it it existed?

I have been using ‘owlet 3d renderer’ https://boxshot.com It’s workflow is similar to Keyshot but at a fraction of the cost. It certainly nowhere as full featured as most pro rendering apps but it is worth a try.

I did contact them and will post what they did answer, once I get a reply.

Let’s hope they are up for it!


I can’t find anymore where i read it, but as i recall they said that it was in development…

That’s wthat they replied to my question about Rhino Mac V-Ray:

"It’s Georgi from Chaos Group here. Thank you for your interest in V-Ray. Sadly, there is no official information about when V-Ray for Rhino will be available for Mac. Please make sure to check our site regularly. "

Let’s hope for the best :slight_smile: