Vray Next is not stable yet as 3.6

Vray next is crushing with high poly model.
Dome light is not working properly. So I had to downgrade back to 3.6.
It is crushing.

Could be great if you could post example or write details, what doesn’t work properly so that it can be fixed.

I rendered a scene of 1GB Rhino file without problems, so I suppose so not every complex scene crashes and it’s not so easy to fix without an example.

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Hi, my file is 2.3 GB and run with chaos cloud and 3.6.
But same file was badly crushed with Vray Next.
Vray next was crashing with little bit of vegetation from lands design, and sometimes with high poly model, I guess. But 3.6 is just perfect with cloud rendering.
Vray Next was crashing in the cloud with that 2.3 GB file.
Will you share your 1 GB file publicly? Of course not. So how can I share my month of work in the forum, just to prove Vray Next is buggy :smiley:
I am doing well with 3.6 :smiley: 3.6
is just super cool !

Many thanks for the response ! Much appreciated!