Issues upgrading to Vray Next Update 2

Two days ago i upgraded from Vray 3.6.03 to Vray Next Upgrade… what a mess!

Rhino has become unstable, it freezes. It’s impossible to work this way…
I also tried a Vray clean install.

Rhino 6, drivers, etc are all up to date

Be careful!

This is one reason why I keep a weekly (3x/wk) updated copy of Macrium Reflect image of my system and keep my working files on a nas/network/independent drive. If I install something and it messes things up horribly I can always go back to a working system. I do not care much for NEXT… it does not transfer old rendered files from 3.6 well. Not worth it to work with that headache.

ChaosGroup ought to have delved more deeply into cross compatibility with their software, not this package files in order to work with NEXT crap. Seamless compatibility is especially important with our work… shouldn’t have to be bending over backwards to update a file that was rendered with old materials with new.

I skipped v3x and so I can’t report v3 related issues. I’m very happy with v4. Best report all issues per example file and email. What do you want to do on the long run? Never upgrade? I suppose so the next versions will base on the same code like used now. Between v2 and v3 was a complete code break, but now … .