Vray materials in Rhino V6


Sorry in advance if this is not the right section to ask. Unfortunately, the Vray forum needs permission to post a topic that I don’t have.

Anyone knows how to bring the materials categories in the new Vray Next (V-Ray Core Version: 4.30.01).
I used to have an option to chose materials right inside the material sections. But now I have to manually import from the folder which is inside the installed folder.

This is the old interface:

And this is the current version:

Also there is nothing in Chaos group website I could find



I’m not sure I understood the question, but it never had the option to import materials from inside the Materials section. I guess you probably mean how to open the library flyout - in which case, just click on the small icon there

You can drag/drop or right click -> insert materials to the materials section.