Importing materials with textures and mapping from another file?

I’m sorry if this topic has been raised before, I’ve looked but have not come up with anything so far…I am also just starting out with rhino and V-ray, so apologies in advance if there is something obvious I am missing.

I would like to ask if it is possible, in some way, to import the vray materials settings (mapping on objects included) that were set up in another file.
The actual problem I am dealing with is this: file imported as 3ds from ArchicAD, materials mapped. Needed to modify initial geometry, exported again, and now, apparently, I have to remap materials all over again.
Also, I’ve loaded them along with their textures via V-Ray material editor, after having exported them one by one from the first rhino file. Is there any way this material export can be done in bulk, or somehow faster?
There exists something like this in Artlantis, which is much more basic in its options - it’s called “use reference file” and allows you to load all the materials and their setup from other files. Is there something similar with vray and rhino?

I’m very grateful for any suggestions, thank you!

First of all try to use Obj file format instead 3ds. The Obj handle textures coordinates way better.
Second, the material (apparence) and the mapping are two separate things.
With latest vray version you should have a tool to batch export all scene materials (sorry I’m not on my office and I can’t find correct command name)
Then you can import all the materials in a folder (from the material editor)

A workaround could be to assign materials per layers instead to of by object, so, every Obj standing on a layer get the correct material (but the mapping still per object).

This way you can save a template file with all the proper materials already assigned to the layers and you need just to import and change the layer property of the imported objects.


Hi Riccardo, thank you for the reply!
About batch exporting materials: I’m using vray 1.5, I don’t think batch export scene materials exists…
The workaround suggestion sounds great for importing materials from one file to another, will use it!

The mapping, though, would have to be redone for each object, correct?
I am asking as this implies a pretty cumbersome workflow if (when) things get redesigned in archicad, and I’m not sure I understood this right.


Tried to use Obj instead of 3ds?
You can import (no insert) , as block, also the Obj directly (without any translation)