Vray materials disappear every time I close a file


I am using VRay 3.6 for rhino 6 and could never get it installed properly (when I open the app, it says that it failed loading the plugin). I tried everything to install it, but I think some previous installation that I can’t get rid of is getting in the way. I have to go in the plug in manager menu and load it manually. The problem is, when I close a file, all the materials disappear and I have to start over.

How could I fix this?

Thank you,

Did you have V-Ray 2.x installation ? Problems with installation could lead to the message you said, but disappearing materials is probably due to serialization incompatibilities.
Anyway that is a problem I haven’s seen so far, so you can contact ChaosGroup support, and we will take care of the problem in no time