Rendering grasshopper geometry, color gradient with vray, issue with color and geometry

I created a form by subtracting closed lofts from a box (using solid difference) then created boundary surfaces from the contours. I’m able to apply a gradient color to the resultant form and can bake it into my rhino objects, but I want to render the form with the gradient of colors applied using Vray.

I can’t seem to bake the colors as the render material color (just the object color) so was trying the Vray for rhino components to render directly without baking.

i’m running into two issues. first - the geometry is not showing up correctly (the cross sections are simple planes instead of the forms created with the solid difference)

second, the color gradient created is not applying…

any ideas? (20.1 KB)
lofttest1.3dm (3.1 MB)

Ok, while i didn’t solve the issues with the Vray render component within grasshopper, I was able to bake the render materials into my rhino geometry using elefont component! solved my own problem

It doesn’t seem to work for me, can you please share a script :slight_smile:

Hi - you have reopened an ancient thread and it is not clear, exactly, what the problem is that you are running into. Please start a new thread and attach your gh file and detailed information.